SINGLE REVIEW: Jesse McCartney – Better With You


Odds are that Jesse McCartney was your first crush while you were growing up. His smooth pop songs “Beautiful Soul” and “She’s No You” had the girls wanting to be with him and had the guys wanting to be him. He reinvented his sound in 2008 with the grittier “Leavin” before reinventing himself again in 2014 with a more Justin Timberlake influenced sound. After taking a few years off he’s back with a fresh new sound. “Better With You” hears him returning to his vulnerable guitar lead sound during the verses before dropping a tropical dance-pop beat during the chorus. The emotional track looks at how you’re a better version of yourself because of someone else. “I was a wreck when you came along. When there was nothing left you showed me the best. I’m still a mess but you hold on. Don’t know just why you do but I know I’m better with you”. It’s very sweet, honest and will have your little heart pounding. The tropical beat is a little predictable but it’s nice to hear him returning to his roots but also trying to keep it fresh. Welcome back Jesse!



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