SINGLE REVIEW: Sasha Sloan – Hurt


My favourite Californian sad girl Sasha Sloan is back with another emotional heartbreaking tune. “Hurt” looks at falling in love with someone but having the ultimate fear of getting hurt in the process and being so afraid. “I probably shouldn’t sleep over cause I know that I’m making it worse. I freak out every time we get closer cause I’m scared that it’s just gonna hurt. And now I even like you when I’m sober, honestly that’s a first”. It is a very honest and relatable song that will have you feeling all of the feels and while it is a heart crusher of a track it also has a very therapeutic vibe to it. The production is very moody and perfectly continues the sound she introduced earlier this year with “Normal” and “Fall””. If any of these songs are to go by then 2018 is going to be a VERY exciting year for Sasha Sloan because I’m ready to get emotional with her over and over again.


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