SINGLE REVIEW: Kota Banks – Zoom


Kota Banks was first officially introduced to the world at the end of 2017 with her infectious debut single “Holiday”. The tropical pop banger was the perfect pre-summer anthem and gained great momentum over the past couple of months. She was the first major pop signing for NLV Records and I don’t think they are regretting their decision at all. The songstress just dropped her new single “Zoom” which is another playful shiny pop moment. It continues the laid back dance-pop vibe that “Holiday” introduced and will have you ready to dance and be a little cheeky. Her sultry vocal delivery perfectly intertwines with this beat and the lyrics. The song reminisces on a late night rendezvous with adventurous and fun details. “Cause he got that touch that make me zoom. Get in my car year ’82. And I’m speeding like vroom vroom vroom till he up on my body”. It is a grower so give it a couple spins and I gurantee that you will fall in love with this carefree pop track.





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