SINGLE REVIEW: Echosmith – Over My Head


Echosmith had one of the biggest breakthrough songs of 2013 with the infectious “Cool Kids”. The Californian sibling trio followed up their debut album with the “Inside A Dream” EP late last year which offered a first taste of their new material. Continuing their slick pop sound they’ve dropped another new single which hears them adding a grittier production. “Over My Head” is a playful track which hears lead singer Sydney Sierotas complaining about her partner who always has conversations with her about things she doesn’t understand or care about. “There’s always static on TV in this hotel room. Reminds me of all the things you think I don’t understand. It seems like you and me, we keep losing connection whenever you talk to me, it doesn’t make any sense”. It’s delivered in a very sassy and empowering way instead of being vulnerable and emotional which is a nice change. The production is very catchy and a little DIY making it their catchiest track since “Cool Kids”. It has the potential to be another breakthrough hit for them because it is quite different to what they had been doing while still holding on their pop roots.


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