LIVE REVIEW: Camp Cope – The Tivoli


Earlier this month Camp Cope delivered one of the most important Australian albums of the year. The Melbourne punk meets indie-rock trio have never strayed away from telling it the way it is which has caused controversy and spread important awareness at the same time. They stood up against sexual assault and female inequality during their coveted set at Falls Festival and addressed these topics on their sophomore album “How To Socialise & Make Friends”. To coincide with the release of the album they’ve embarked on a massive tour of Australian which saw them play to a sold out crowd at The Tivoli over the weekend. Joined by special guests Kellie Lloyd from Screamfeeder and Chasity Belt they gave Brisbane an important show to talk about. Walking on stage to Kesha’s “Tik Tok” blaring the band took a moment to thank and recognise the traditional owners of the land and added “fuck Channel Seven Sunrise” in response to their controversial hiding of the Indigenous protest earlier that week. They launched straight into title track “How To Socialise & Make Friends” before going into fan favourite “Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams” from their debut album. Lead singer Georgia McDonald addressed the crowd “Who the fuck just said that about my appearance? I heard you. Fuck you. This is exactly what this song is about, thats not cool”. It set a very candid tone for the whole night and quickly won the crowd’s respect because no one ever calls out hecklers in that way and it’s important that we do have a zero tolerance. She also took the time to tell the crowd that if anyone felt uncomfortable by someone else at the venue then to notify bar staff or security to get them kicked out. And that’s honestly another thing that should be done at every gig. They continued the show with “Keep Growing”, “The Face Of God”, “Anna” and “UFO Lighter” which were all impressive because of the massive sing-alongs that the crowd were providing. Every single person in that sold out crowd were screaming the lyrics proudly and passionately and it was so touching to look around and see all these different types of people uniting on such heavy topics. They then closed their brief 60 minute show with “The Opener” which they gave a touching speech about how people told them they would never be able to do it and should be playing smaller venues. But they proved them wrong with the whole tour sold out. Georgia’s vocals were flawless the whole night, their energy as band was on point and they entertained and educated with their anecdotes. But the only thing lacking was the production and dark lighting. At times it was hard to see them and needed a different lighting or stage setup to enhance the visual experience. Otherwise the band were incredible and delivered kick ass and important moments that will spark conversation.




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