ALBUM REVIEW: Fickle Friends – You Are Someone Else

I’ve been low-key obsessing over Fickle Friends since August 2016, and I still can’t get enough of their groovy indie-pop. The UK five piece have finally released their debut album “You Are Someone Else” which is a bold collection of euphoric synth-pop lead tracks. But the band still hold onto the indie roots and intertwine groovy baselines, big choruses and fun dance moments that will thrive in their energetic live show.

With a long drip-feed of singles and EP’s there are 7 songs that you are already acquainted with, leaving 10 new songs to obsess over. Album opener “Wake Me Up” is a vibrant and infectious track which perfectly rolls into fellow singles “Glue”, “Hard To Be Myself”, “Say No More”, and the breakthrough “Swim” which was recently re-released after it was included in the theatrical release of Pitch Perfect 3.

“Bite” is the first taste of the new material and it is a certified banger that is reminiscent of recent Paramore material. This is song is the perfect choice for the next single with its catchy hook and quotable lyrics that will quickly become a favourite for Instagram captions. “I could be your someone, you could be my somebody. Twenty four seven and it feels like heaven in your company”.

They then move on to the groovy “Lovesick” and “Heartbroken” which both offer cool melodies that will be stuck in your head instantly. “In My Head” strips it all back to the indie-pop realm with a dreamy ballad interlude. Lead vocalist Nat reflects on long distance and the internal voices she encounters for this intimate track.

They bring back the groovy production for singles “Hello Hello” and “Brooklyn” and new tracks “Rotation” and “Paris”. But it’s the vulnerable “Midnight” which stands out instantly with its chorus structure and lyrical delivery before the vibey “She” and “Useless” close the album.

The band play to their strengths on this record and deliver big synth-pop tracks that reconfirm why they are becoming one of the most talked about live acts in the UK. I can’t fault the production or the catchy hooks which will have your heart bursting, breaking and repairing all at once. This is a very strong collection of tracks that will see them evolving further as a band, touring extensively and cementing themselves as a must listen band.

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