SINGLE REVIEW: RL Grime & Daya – I Wanna Know


Along with the announcement of his sophomore studio album Californian producer RL GRIME has just dropped the projects lead single featuring pop newcomer, Daya. “I Wanna Know” is easily RL’s most pop directed track yet and hears him diving straight into the mainstream music world. But that isn’t completely a bad thing as long as he doesn’t limit himself to this sound. The song is a little predictable and could have more chance at success if it was billed as a Daya tack featuring RL Grime. Lyrically the emotional track reflects on a potential relationship which is close to exclusivity but is also so far away at the same time. It’s like she wants it so bad but she knows the truth and doesn’t wanna get her hopes up. “Why do I get the feeling we’re getting close? But we’ll never be there cause it’s hard to believe or see it. Is it more than a feeling?”. The beat drop is super radio friendly, the chorus is catchy and its a easy going and good song. But it just doesn’t really feel like a RL Grime track.






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