SINGLE REVIEW: Lily Allen – Three & Higher

No Shame 2

After the release of her third studio album “Sheezus” in 2014 Lily Allen disappeared from the spotlight while she suffered an identity crisis in the middle of a marriage breakdown. She no longer liked the music she was making and couldn’t connect with herself as an artist so she retracted from the media and just focused on her family and herself. From this break her fourth studio album “No Shame” was born and it may just be her most raw and honest album yet. The record will be released on June 8 and will explore her identity crisis, her marriage breakdown, her relationship with her kids and her substance abuse. The gimmicks have been taken away and she’s releasing some raw and stripped back pop. The beat driven lead single “Trigger Bang” introduced the new sound over Christmas but now she has two new songs ready for your ears. “Three” is a simple piano ballad that is quirky and unique because it looks at the thoughts of her three year old daughter surrounding Lily’s crazy life. “You saying you’re going but you don’t say how long for. You say it’s work, but I’m not sure. You say you love me, then you walk right out the door”. It’s a little bit dark and a little bit heartbreaking because all you wanna do is give the kid a hug. But the vulnerable song is very personal and shares a unique light into Lily’s brain whilst serving a very clean and beautiful vocal delivery. On the other end of the spectrum is the slow RNB influenced jam “Higher”. The song explores her break up with her husband and having to let him go because she realises that it’s toxic and she can’t be treated that way. In the past Lily would’ve served a sassy explicit track that would’ve dragged him but with this new sound she is cleaner and reflective. The sassiest it gets is; “I can take this down to the wire. Soon see if I fight fire with fire. Dig that grave, you’re such a bad liar”. And it’s actually a nice change. This production experimentation is so simple and laid back but it’s also so effective. The sound takes a couple listens to get used to but as soon as you vibe it you wont stop listening. This is definitely the strongest of the three released tracks so far and is probably the most different directionally.


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