SINGLE REVIEW: Kylie Minogue – Stop Me From Falling


I really do want to love Kylie Minogue’s new album “Golden” when it’s released but so far all I’m getting is 2013 Avicii vibes and I’m just not about that life. Lead single “Dancing” was a dated country meets pop dance crossover that sounded like it belonged on Avicii’s album “True” and I thought we left that sound in the past? Apparently not because she’s released another single which continues this unfortunate sound. However I must say that “Stop Me From Falling” is progressively a lot better and injects the right amount of euphoric production to make it enjoyable. The playful and cute lyrics explore that moment you cross that friendship line and fall in love with someone. It’s relatable and touching and just really nice. “Don’t know how, I don’t know where but we’re becoming more than friends. Getting closer to the edge, stop me from falling”. It grows on you with each listen and will have you wanting to dance like you’re at a rodeo during the chorus. I just wish the production was different because I expect more from Kylie than a recycled sound but it’s good.




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