SINGLE REVIEW: Jessica Mauboy – We Got Love


So it’s official. Jessica Mauboy will be representing Australia in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Portugal in May. The Australian pop princess first won the country over in 2006 when she came runner up on Australian Idol and then went onto releasing smash hit singles, albums, extensively toured the country, starred in movies and TV shows and even featured in a girl group (RIP Young Divas). She’s a household name in Australia and has appeared on massive talk shows in America making her the most ideal candidate to wave this baton. Her Eurovision entry single “We Got Love” is a massive celebration of the freedom of love we have in Australia and perfectly represents who we have become as a country. It’s a little gimmicky but aren’t all Eurovision songs meant to be? “I know, I know what you must be thinking. That we are powerless to change things. But don’t, don’t give up cause we got love, ’cause we got love”. It’s the right amount of cheesy with the right amount of empowerment injected. The chilled tropical dance dance allows her vocals to take lead and impress with her unique vocals riffs. There is a little production drum breakdown before the final chorus which adds a different texture to the song however it’s too short. It should’ve been at least another 10 seconds but you win some and you lose some. Overall it’s a very catchy and cute pop track that I personally think will do very well at this years Eurovision.




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