ALBUM REVIEW: The Venus Project – Vol 1.


Whilst Broods are currently in between album cycles and working on their forthcoming third studio record the New Zealand brother and sister duo have decided to release a solo passion project each. Lead vocalist Georgia Nott is the first to unleash her project and The Venus Project “Vol 1” is a unique collection of 10 empowerful and emotionally raw tracks. The album was released on International Womens Day and sees her celebrating being a woman and showcasing other talented women. She did this by only working with female songwriters, producers, engineers, musicians and artists throughout the whole process. She mainly wanted to create awareness on creative females but to also experiment with a new level of vulnerability that she feels gets lost when she’s in a room full of males. The outcome is very special. This record strips back the vocalist and artist that you know from Broods and takes it back to the very beginning. The dreamy indie-pop tracks are quite similar to the material you were first introduced to on Broods debut EP but is less pop hook focused and instead puts a spotlight on the storytelling. The production is very minimalistic and has this natural growth to it. Nothing feels over produced or gimmicky and it all sounds very genuine. Opening track “Moon To Moon” sounds almost like a lullaby with its angelic delivery that perfectly drifts into the album highlight “Need/Want”. The beautiful and vulnerable piano ballad evolves with this experiential synth layer that gives you a really moody and dark feel that perfectly represents that mental state of this song. Lead single “Wont Hurt” continues this sound before “Numb” delivers a heavier beat production that will have you feeling all the vibes. “Need A Man” introduces a more guitar driven sound which hears “Go Easy/Hey Love Pt.1” following in its footsteps with a softer approach. However the short “Hey Love Pt.1” is the most heartbreaking and vulnerable moment on the record. The voice note hears her unravelling her darkest thoughts to her husband while being on the other side of the world. It’s heartbreaking and romantic at the same time and had me shedding a little tear during the first listen. With the nature of the stripped back genre some of the songs do become a little forgettable but they do work as a collective in offering a unique story and experience. It’s a very easy listening record that showcases a different side to Georgia as an artist and a vocalist and will help make the next Broods record even more special and honest.


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