SINGLE REVIEW: Years & Years – Sanctify


UK favourites Years & Years have been in hiding for the past year and a half while thy have been putting together the final touches on their highly anticipated sophomore album. The record is due later this year and the dynamic trio are ready to deliver your first taste at what is to come. “Sanctify” is classic Years & Years. It’s a mix of indie pop with electronic influences and to be honest it’s a little bit predictable. I was waiting for a big pop meets disco meets electronic moment that would see them evolving their sound from their smash hits “Shine” and “King” but it never came. Instead they released a safe indie-pop track that emulates the dark and moody sound their debut album layered. Lyrically the track is very bold and tells an important story of self discovery that I wish was given a better platform. It reflects on the intimate experiences lead singer Olly Alexander has had with “straight men” who are not so “straight”. He feels like a sinner but also feels like a saint for helping them explore their sexuality. “You’ll find redemption when all this is through. Father, forgive me for finding the truth”. It’s a really cool and unique concept that hasn’t really been covered this openly in the mainstream pop world. But I just wish the delivery was bigger and more impactful because at the moment it’s a little boring and doesn’t live up to the hype they’ve created.




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