SINGLE REVIEW: John Newman – Fire In Me


John Newman is back with a new single that isn’t snooze worthy boring and it’s a pleasant surprise. “Fire In Me” hears the English singer-songwriter returning to his brassy electronic sound with an additional tropical dance influence. The empowerful song looks at the power someone can have over you and the affect they can have but learning to take control and be the best version of yourself. It’s a bit cute really and is a nice message to be injecting into the world right now. “I was a spark in the night but you drown me out. So I’ll take the walls I’m inside and I’ll burn them down”. The production has this groovy and funky disco vibe that will instantly have you bopping along. But the reason it really impresses is the growth and journey the song takes you on. It continues to build with different layers with an explosive and experimental chorus that hears him not being this one dimensional artist that he was quickly becoming. It has a lot of potential and hopefully it grabs the rotation it deserves.





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