SINGLE REVIEW: James Bay – Pink Lemonade



James Bay has just announced that his highly anticipated sophomore album “Electric Light” will finally be released on May 18. Lead single “Wild Love” introduced an ambitious and bold new sound that saw him getting a little funkier, being a little euphoric and delivering some soulful vibes. It was quite the shock because I always thought he was a little boring and overrated but he absolutely proved me wrong. Follow up single “Pink Lemonade” hears Bay evolving once again with a pulsating rock meets garage dance sound. The break up track is less emotional and more angsty with its reflective tone of frustration how he still wants her even though he wants it to be over. “Let me wake up heavy head, lying in my bed with you naked. Go put that song on that you love on repeat, until we can’t take it. I wanna drink pink lemonade, watching movie trailers ’til it’s late. And let’s remember all the words that we think are gonna make our hearts break”. The chorus is super catchy and creates the perfect festival singalong that is going to explode in his new live show. This new experimental sound is very ambitious because it is such a directional change compared to his debut album. However it’s a welcomed change that hears him becoming a versatile and interesting artist. While his debut album was beautiful in parts it was also quite boring and predictable where as with this album you are already questioning and anticipating what he’s gonna do next. Lyrically the old James Bay is still intact, he’s just experimenting with the production and delivery.




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