SINGLE REVIEW: Gin Wigmore – Girl Gang


Gin Wigmore’s fourth studio album “Ivory” will be finally released on April 6 and this record sees her launching the initiative GIRLGANG which is all about celebrating talented women. Over the course of the promotional period she has teamed up with different women to release artistic takes on her songs and the final track to get this treatment is the appropriately titled “Girl Gang”. This song hears her delivering her signature sound with her raspy vocals and bold production. It’s all about embracing who you are as a woman and standing up for yourself and others. “I got fight, I got heart, I got the strength to tear it apart. I got bite, I got brains, I got to raise some power to reign”. It really embodies embracing the pride within yourself and delivers a kick ass hook. Even as a CIS male I got pumped up when listening to this track and felt invincible. It’s so empowering and has a fun angle to it whilst being super important and serious at the same time. Production wise it returns to the polished meets gritty pop-rock sound her second and third record perfected. It has massive potential and will no doubt be featured in another Hollywood blockbuster soon just like the rest of her songs because of its sassy and empowering feel.




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