SINGLE REVIEW: Betty Who – Look Back


Betty Who continues to drop absolute pop bops that make me question why she isn’t played on heavy rotation frequently. Her last single “Ignore Me” was a cool pop moment that grew on you with each listen and re-introduced her as a freshly independent artist. Cutting ties with her major record label the songstress now has full creative control of what gets released and when it gets released which means.. MORE FREQUENT BETTY WHO MUSIC! Can you tell I’m excited about that? Well you should be too because her new single is a banger and a half. “Look Back” is ridiculously fun and revisits that playful and carefree sound she perfected on “Mama Say” and “Some Kind Of Wonderful”. She showcases a flirty and seductive side that hears her exclaiming “Betcha I can make you look back” and teasing guys like never before. It’s just so much fun and after a first listen you can’t help but instantly sing along and dance like an idiot. The production is very bold, brassy and bossy but I can’t help but get Robin Thicke “Blurred Lines” meets Calvin Harris “Feels” vibes during the verses. The melodies are very similar even if it’s only for a brief moment. But otherwise this song is a little pop gem that will have you smiling, dancing and singing.


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