EP REVIEW: Ruby Fields – Your Dad’s Opinion For Dinner


Ruby Fields was one of the most talked about sets of BIGSOUND 2017. Her witty and honest indie-rock tracks instantly won over the packed crowd and cemented herself as one of the must watch acts for 2018. Her debut EP “Your Dad’s Opinion For Dinner” is an impressive collection of quirky indie-rock tracks that have massive hooks, cool one liners and big singalong moments. The tracks are a unique autobiographical look into her life and mindset where there is no filter and she does’t hold back. “Ritalin” is the perfect EP opener with the gritty production and pessimistic vocal delivery that you can’t help but instantly love. “I Want” injects a slight pop vocal delivery with its indie-rock production and banging drums. The song looks at the struggle of trying to figure out who you are and what you want out of life whilst being a teenager. It’s one of the EP’s catchiest moments that perfectly rolls into “P Plates” which deservingly got a lot of traction last year. The hilariously honest track looks at the struggle of being on your p plates and not being able to have a drink. It then mashes into this song that is about having a fling that you’re unsure about but you still go along with it. “Cause you know that I’m just a bird with picky taste who has taken a liking to your face and if it don’t work out then we can still be best mates”. She then provides some upbeat vibes on “Libby’s Pink Car” which hears her pondering some thoughts of being an adolescent. The lyrics are honestly hilarious and way too real that you can’t help but smile and bop along when listening. “I don’t go out enough and my insta bio’s way too blank. It’s an emoji of a rat cause I don’t promote bikinis for the pay. Should I put a funny simpsons quote my love for yoga or my age. Or the fact that I’m single, Buddhist and vegan on weekdays. I don’t know”. She then continues the indie-rock vibes with “Fairly Lame, Fairly Tame” before stripping it back to close the EP with the acoustic “Redneck Lullaby”. This is a strong collection of tracks that will see her being compared to the likes of Alex Lahey and Courtney Barnett and that’s a very positive thing. Her storytelling is very unique and so honest that you can’t help but fall in love with her. So, get listening!





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