ALBUM REVIEW: Camp Cope – How To Socialise & Make Friends


Camp Cope’s sophomore record “How To Socialise & Make Friends” is seriously one of the most important albums of the year. The Melbourne punk meets indie-rock trio have never strayed away from telling it the way it is which has caused controversy and spread important awareness at the same time. They stood up against sexual assault and female inequality during their coveted set at Falls Festival and have even requested CIS males to not review this album. I am a CIS male and I contemplated whether to review or not review this album for a long time but I believe too much in the statements they are trying to make and the awareness they are trying to create to just stay silent. This album is game changing for the Australian music industry because it tackles some of the most serious problems that we are just not talking about. “The Opener” kicks off the record by addressing how females always seem to be booked as support acts and billed as openers on festival line ups. It’s all about reaching a quota and we just see the same embarrassing male dominated line ups get regurgitated every year. Title track reminds people just how easy it is to make change while “UFO Lighter” confronts the importance of self awareness. Their angsty and raw sound is full of big singalongs, frustration, anger and important lyrics. But there is a lot of emotion behind it all and “The Face Of God” is one of those moments. They address sexual assault and victim blaming with the frustrating classic line “he doesn’t seem like that kind of guy” that people always used to defend the assualter. It’s a very raw and confronting track that needs to be spotlighted because there is no one else spreading awareness like this in the industry in such a honest and direct way. The rest of the album continues the themes as well as a touching heartbreak track “I’ve Got You” that fits as the perfect record closer. Its a very brief and direct album that delivers a lot of thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as creates a big impact lyrically. It will have you instantly thinking and questioning your own beliefs and realising that we do have a lot of change we need to make. Their sound is very raw and has a garage band feel to it but that’s why these songs work so well because you are really listening to the lyrics.


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