It’s been 3 years since JOY. released her debut EP and in that time she has toured Australia with the likes of Kehlani and James Bay and has been working on perfecting her sound. The Brisbane based producer and singer songwriter has just released her second EP “Six” which is a collection of intimate and honest tracks. It’s a departure from her indie-pop polished tracks that her debut introduced and heads towards a grittier and beat heavier production. EP opener “Fake It” further explores that dark and moody sound she has experimented with in the past and injects some slow RNB vibes. It does have that Kehlani influence and attitude to the production that adds a different texture to her sound. Lead singe “Smoke Too Much” is the clear standout on this collection with it’s shiny production and radio ready hook. Her vocals are smooth and captivating with her little quirks. However the rest of the EP is a little forgettable and just doesn’t reach the momentum that her debut did. “Lose Control” has serious potential with it’s production but could’ve been elevated the next level. It all just feels a little “safe” for her.



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