SINGLE REVIEW: Flight Facilities feat. NIKA – Need You


Australian production duo Flight Facilities have made their return with the classic heartbreak track, “Need You”. Teaming up with Georgia Nott from BROOD’s little sister Olivia Nott (Aka NIKA) this electronic pop track will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions but in the best way possible. While the lyrics are heart wrenching to hear they give you slick production that will have you grooving and singing along instantly. She details a one sided love where she has strong feelings for someone but they don’t feel the same way back. Most of us have been in a situation like that before so your heart instantly is connected to the song. The chorus is simple but effective and perfectly sets the mood for the whole song. “I need you but you don’t want me, don’t want me too”. Her vocals are VERY similar to Georgia’s and there were moments where I had to question who was actually singing. From a first listen you will be in love, heart broken and feeling all the feels while dancing at the same time. A very strong chilled pop moment for Flight Facilities.




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