SINGLE REVIEW: Cheat Codes feat. Kiiara – Put Me Back Together


Ever since Cheat Codes remixed Maggie Lindemann’s “Pretty Girl” and released the absolute bop “No Promises” with Demi Lovato they’ve gone kind of viral. The electronic trio has teamed up with Kiiara for their next pop venture which is an emotional rollercoaster. “Put Me Back Together” is an explicitly sweet pop meets dance track that explores falling in love and finding your better half. “Everybody says you’re no good for me but you’re my fucked up remedy. Boy, you put me back together again”. The euphoric track has a lot of potential but it sadly fizzles out with generic production that becomes a little boring. It sounds like every dance track on the radio at the moment and doesn’t have a unique point of difference. I really wish I could love this track because I do think Kiiara is a very different and intriguing pop vocalist and songwriter but it’s just a little below average. At least the storyline is cute.


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