London singer-songwriter MNEK is responsible for the 2015 smash hit “Never Forget You” which topped the charts worldwide and saw Zara Larsson being introduced into a new spotlight. Since then he hasn’t been able to replicate the success that song had and has been sadly forgotten while Zara has taken off on world domination. However he’s just released his third single from his forthcoming debut album and this song may just be the hit he needed. “Tongue” is a playful fusion of pop and RNB that channels the cool vibe of The Weeknd and the slick production of Jason Derulo but less annoying. It has that worldwide appeal with its polished verses and gritty chorus that could really take over radio in the US which has been the market he’s struggled to break most. When you think you know where the song is going melodically he changes it completely and gives you a very quirky and cool breakdown. “So I’m putting both hands over my mouth, I can only hope nothing’s gonna come out. But there it is on the tip of my tongue, I think I love you, I think you’re the one”. It takes this simple idea of falling in love with someone and being too scared to say it and transforming it into this playful bop. It’s pure fun and the perfect upbeat track you need in your life so hopefully the rest of the world agrees.




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