SINGLE REVIEW: Mastin – Not The Man For You


Mastin is the brand new musical project from 2011 X Factor Australia winner, Reece Mastin. The singer-songwriter went independent in 2015 to shake off his pop sound to explore his rock roots with a genuine sound which he always wanted to head toward. Taking a few years out from the spotlight he has rebranded with a new musical project to further explore a heavier rock focused sound. His debut EP “Suitcase Of Stories” will be released on April 6 and the lead single “Not The Man For You” pays homage to classic rock songs with big drums and shredding guitar riffs. It really embodies those old school rock songs that we were all raised on and still know all the lyrics to when they come on at the pubs. It doesn’t have a pop shine to it that most new “rock” songs have and it’s refreshing. He is being whole heartedly true and honest to who he is as a person and an artist. It’s a massive risk and while it may not be a commercial home run it does perfectly reintroduce listeners to who he really is. His attitude and vocals strengths are still intact so it’s not like you’re losing him completely as an artist, he’s just said goodbye to the pop version of himself.


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