ALBUM REVIEW: Superorganism – Superorganism


2018 may have only just started but I’m just gonna call it already and say that officially one of my favourite new bands is Superorganism. However this dynamic eight piece are not your average band. They hail from all different corners of the world and came together via social media and Skype before relocating to London where they are now based. They first bursted onto the scene last year with a string of intriguing singles and now their self titled debut album is out and ready to hear in it’s complete technicolour craziness. The album hears them mixing together their psychedelic indie-pop sound with a very experimental production that genre bends and delivers some future cool festival moments. With a string of singles already released and a track listing of only 10 songs by the time this album was released we had already heard half the record. “Everybody Wants To Be Famous” is the big pop moment that has the potential to break them into the mainstream market while album opener “It’s All Good” pieces together different samples to offer a very theatrical and DIY sound. “Nobody Cares”, “Reflections On The Screen” and “Something For Your M.I.N.D.” deliver a more psychedelic influenced sound with alternative production. “Nobody Cares” has a really pessimistic tone to the production when really this song is actually really positive and supports a carefree lifestyle. “Sweet relief when you grow up and see for yourself, nobody cares. Have a drink, have a smoke, do whatever you need to unload, nobody cares”. And that’s only one example of the very cool layers that their tracks embody. “SPRORGNSM” is a playful and ridiculous track that will have you ecstatically singing along to the hook “I wanna be a superorganism”. While “Relax”, “Night Time” and “The Prawn Song” will have you instantly bopping along to their joyous beats. But “Nai’s March” gets lost in the over the top production and makes the song a little forgettable. But overall this album is very impressive, original and stands out amongst this predictable pop that is taking over the industry recently.

You can buy Superorganism’s debut album now from Sanity




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