SINGLE REVIEW: Robinson – Nothing To Regret

Nothing To Regret

I love a little pop gem and New Zealand songstress Robinson has served just that. “Nothing To Regret” is a vibrant and emotional pop moment that screams radio hit. Sonically sitting somewhere in-between Lorde, Tove Lo and Lana Del Rey this track delivers a catchy and punchy chorus with slick indie-pop beats. It explores the ups and downs of life where you are just constantly trying to Iive life to the fullest and get lost in those moments with your friends. “Baby, let’s get fucking crazy and lose track of time. Why we always got to fret about it?. There’s nothing to regret about it”. It’s very honest with her detailing about living on her friends couch, dancing by herself, drinking and just constantly waiting for the weekend to roll around. It’s kind of the anthem for people who are a little lost, hurt, living in limbo and need a reminder to realise that it’s okay to feel like this and to embrace it. After a first listen you will enchanted by her simple vocal delivery along with the vivid imagery and production. You will find yourself clicking replay quite a few times because this song is a TUNE.


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