SINGLE REVIEW: Post Malone – Psycho


I feel like I’m the only person who doesn’t understand the Post Malone hype. Like, I get it to a degree but watching the crowd on his recent Australian tour left me a little confused. But one thing for certain is that he knows how to entertain a crowd. His sophomore record “Beerbongs & Bentleys” is due later this year and he’s just dropped another single which is a little underwhelming. “Psycho” throws together the elements that made his previous singles such smash hits but the heavily auto-tuned song is a little forgettable. It regurgitates the same trap beats with the same vocal effects making this song a little predictable. The electronic hip-hop song embodies a sound that becomes old very quickly and I wish he would experiment a little more with the rock elements his live show captures. The lyrics are also a little predictable with the standard hip-hop storyline of rags to riches with the success, fame and money he now has. The energy is a little flat and monotonous and whilst it is a good song to have on a shuffle playlist it’s not really the smash hit he was hoping for.



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