SINGLE REVIEW: Robert DeLong feat K.FLAY – Favorite Color Is Blue


K.FLAY is currently on absolute fire. The Californian singer-songwriter is currently on a European tour with Imagine Dragons, is about to embark on the second half of her massive American headline tour, was nominated for two Grammys and has just released the lead single for the new Tomb Raider movie. To add to the growing list she has teamed up with electronic producer Robert DeLong for his comeback single. “Favorite Color Is Blue” is an experimental electronic meets rock track that mixes cool production with a whole lot of heart and emotion. The song explores the dark thoughts that run through our brain because of heartbreak, loneliness and confusion. “Cause loving and hating are one and the same and I’m feeling like everyone’s feeling alone. I’m just looking for something to soften the blow”. It uses colours as imagery to tell this story as well as honest one liners that you will be quoting for weeks. K.FLAY brings a unique sound and layer to this track that transports it to something DeLong hasn’t tackled before. Their vocals perfectly harmonise too to give you some slick moments. It’s been 3 years since DeLong has released music and this song makes the wait worth it because it is simply catchy, gritty and cool.




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