SINGLE REVIEW: Janelle Monae – Make Me Feel


One of the most underrated queens is back and she’s ready to leave her mark. Janelle Monae will be releasing her fourth studio album “Dirty Computer” on April 27 and you better prepare yourself for the slayage. Lead single “Make Me Feel” is a massive and experimental moment which hears her combining together a funk sound with RNB layers. It’s as if Prince and INXS had a baby while listening to Justin Timberlake’s “Filthy”. It’s so funky, groovy and oh so amazing. It’s not your typical radio single so don’t expect it to receive heavy rotation but that won’t stop it blowing up. The sensually charged track looks at the intimate way someone can make you feel. “It’s like I’m powerful with a little bit of tender. An emotional, sexual bender. Mess me up, yeah, but no one does it better. There’s nothin’ better, that’s just the way you make me feel”. Even if you aren’t crushing on someone or in love at the moment you will feel like you are when you listen to this song. Its catchy and an absolute tune and a half. And can I just mention that her vocals sound FLAWLESS?! Welcome back Janelle, we’ve been waiting!


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  1. I’m so glad she’s back! (Then again, she did star in two Oscar-nominated films I loved, so all is forgiven.) I cannot WAIT for her 2018 album!

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