SINGLE REVIEW: Imagine Dragons feat. Grace Vanderwaal – Next To Me


Imagine Dragons remain as one of favourite live acts I’ve ever seen. Their show is energetic, inspiring and unforgettable which will leave you in absolute awe and smiling from ear to ear. The band are currently halfway through their world tour and have decided to release an emotional new single. “Next To Me” serves as a lead single from a presumed re-release of their third studio album “Evolve” and it is as melodramatic as you would imagine. Their sound really embodies that cinematic feel and Dan Reynolds vocals will have you awaiting on every word. This tragic love song looks at his fears of commitment but with love conquering all in the end. “Oh, I always let you down. You’re shattered on the ground. But still I find you there next to me”. It’s a little cheesy but its also very empowering and beautiful. It will take a couple of listens to grow on you but the production and harmonies really make it special. The way the song grows with the production makes it sound like a Waltz and its very cute as it works with the storyline so well. The song features America’s Got Talent winner Grace Vanderwaal during the last chorus where she harmonises and hits some big notes but the structure and delivery was a little underwhelming. I expected her to have a bigger role on the song because without the hype you wouldn’t even realise she is on it.


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