SINGLE REVIEW: Confidence Man – Don’t You Know I’m In A Band


Confidence Man are currently taking the world by storm with their ridiculous songs and their crazy live show and it’s simply amazing. We need some fun and silly pop in our life to fill the void ever since the Scissor Sisters disappeared and this strange band are doing just that. Their debut album “Confident Music For Confident People” will be released on April 13 and to celebrate their world tour announcement they have dropped a new single. “Don’t You Know I’m In A Band” continues their wacky indie-pop-electronic sound but instead of Janet Planet taking vocal lead we hear Sugar Bones being spotlighted. However this is my least favourite song from their singles they’ve released so far. The production is just a little average and lacks a big and fun moment like “Better Sit Down” or “Boyfriend (Repeat)”. Lyrically the song is pretty funny with its obnoxious look a the VIP life and assuming everyone knows who you are. “The drinks are always flowing and I’m smiling cause the drugs are free. And the girls, oh the girls they love me because they know, yeah they all know. They know I’m in a band”. But their delivery and production could be a lot better as this song is pretty forgettable.

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