ALBUM REVIEW: Marlon Williams – Make Way For Love


New Zealand singer-songwriter Marlon Williams introduced himself to the world as a solo artist in 2016 with his debut self titled record. The short but impactful record saw him establish his soothing and calming sound and perfectly paved the way for his beautifully heart breaking sophomore album. “Make Way For Love” is a moody collection of 11 tracks that transports you musically back to a time where Roy Orbinson reigned the charts. Marlon successfully has you romanticising over broken hearts and the hyped up idea of love. “What’s Chasing You” has that “doo-woop” sound that you know and love while “Party Boy” offers a unique contrast of synths and his folk/alt-country sound. “Love Is A Terrible Thing” is a beautiful piano ballad that showcases his vocals in a different light and is the perfect contrast to the melodic single “Come to Me”. This is the sort of record you listen to when you want to have a little cry over a broken heart or just want to feel a lot of feelings or maybe feel nothing at all. It’s beautiful and tragic all at the same time but its also a very special and emotionally charged record.


Marlon Williams Australian Tour

Saturday 12 May – Forum Theatre, Melbourne

Monday 14 May – The Gov, Adelaide

Tuesday 15 May – Rosemount, Perth

Wednesday 16 May – The Triffid, Brisbane

Thursday 17 May – Metro Theatre, Sydney


You can purchase Marlon Williams’ new album “Make Way For Love” now from Sanity  




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