ALBUM REVIEW: Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending

Franz Ferdinand- Always Ascending

Franz Ferdinand are back as bold and energetic as ever. Their fourth studio album “Always Ascending” is a fusion of their classic indie-rock sound along with pulsating synths that will have you ready to groove along at a festival soon. While I don’t think they will ever be able to create anything as catchy as “Take Me Out” they do come close with the ridiculous “Lazy Boy”. It has a slight grittier production that they also experiment with on “Finally” and “Huck And Jim” which is just very vibrant. Title track “Always Ascending” and “Feel The Love Go” are fun classic Franz Ferdinand tracks while “The Academy Award” and “Slow Don’t Kill Me Slow” strip the production back with a melodramatic vibe. You then have “Paper Cages” and “Glimpse Of Love” which are synth-tastic jams with cool guitar riffs whilst “Lois Lane” is the 80’s themed song your nostalgic heart needed. This 10 track album is short in length but carries it’s punches. It’s a lot stronger than their last record and hears them just having fun with the production and structures again. It’s not perfect but its carefree and vibey.





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