SINGLE REVIEW: Hoodboi feat. Tkay Maidza – Glide


Los Angeles producer Hoodboi has teamed up with one of Australia’s hottest hip-hop meets pop acts, Tkay Maidza. “Glide” is the first taste of Tkay’s fresh new sound that she’s working on for her forthcoming project. It hears her returning to her hip-hop roots with a slick synth electronic production and less mainstream pop focus. But it doesn’t ditch the cool electronic vibes her debut album introduced altogether. Instead it feels a lot more organic and honest to who she is as an artist. There’s a slight SZA vibe which has definitely influenced this change in direction and I am LIVING for it. The production is so crisp and it sounds like the first day of Autumn after you’ve said goodbye to Summer but are still hopeful for better days. It has that radiant energy that bursts through the production and vocals. The chorus will instantly be stuck in your head but then the third verse changes the game completely. The little production breakdown and shift will truly come alive in her live show. There are so many vibes on this track and I can’t stop grooving.




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