SINGLE REVIEW: Woodes – Origami


Melbourne based songstress Woodes is gearing up for a massive east coast tour which kicks off in in Sydney in two weeks time. She will be premiering her new seven track EP “Golden Hour” for the first time during these new live shows and it’s promising to be a big one. Lead single “Dots” was an enchanting and captivating track which continued the mysterious and dark sound her previous singles introduced. New single “Origami” lifts that sound to a whole new dimension with a heavier electronic influence that hears a DIY selection of synths take over. Whilst all these layers are happening there is an orchestral ground layer that leads the song with beautiful strings and a clarinet. It perfectly ties into the Japanese culture and storyline that this song embodies which his about the ancient art of origami. Her unique and captivating vocals are still as magical as ever and bring this cool little track to life.



March 2 – Leadbelly – Sydney
March 3rd – The Toff – Melbourne
March 10th – Black Bear Lodge- Brisbane


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