SINGLE REVIEW: The Chainsmokers – You Owe Me


You can’t deny the fact that The Chainsmokers have some good hits and they have a lot of fans. But they also have a lot of critics who like myself believe that they are a little bit average. They continually just release the same regurgitated material over and over again with the same beat drop and the same perfectly constructed lyrics. It’s all just a little bit boring. However they have some catchy tracks and their last single “Sick Boy” made me a little excited with it’s different and experimental production. They have continued that dark and moody production with the follow up single “You Owe Me” which has the potential to be great but its just a little vanilla. The moody vibes are there but they just don’t take the song anywhere further than that. And the one beat drop they do have is pretty standard. Lyrically the song is quote emotional and strong as it looks at suicide and depression but you lose that element with the production and delivery. Next!



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