SAFIA have established themselves as one of Australia’s leading live acts. Their colourful and energetic live show has seen them play some of Australia’s biggest festivals, embark on multiple headline tours as well as head overseas to spread their unique sound. Their last single “Cellophane Rainbow” was a forgettable track that experimented with a psychedelic production and I was a little worried with the direction they were heading. The abstract track had massive potential though with using samples from NASA’s intercom so it showed they were still trying to be inventive. Their new single “Freakin Out” returns to their roots and delivers funky and vibrant production with distorted DIY synths pulsating through. The distorted vocals during the verses are a bit too much but the contrast with his vocals during the chorus levels it out. It isn’t their strongest track but it’s definitely a lot better than their last single as its a grower. And it’s also a song that will come alive in their live set perfectly.



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