SINGLE REVIEW: Kim Petras – Heart To Break


Who doesn’t love a little cheesy serving of bubblegum pop in their life? And If you seriously answered no to that question then you are lying to yourself. But Kim Petras debut single “I Don’t Want It At All” is the perfect song to indulge your inner pop guilty pleasure with its big chorus and carefree vibes. However since that release she’s been a little unimpressive with her follow up tracks. Like they are good I guess but they are a little bit too middle of the road average for my liking. But in saying that she teamed up with Charli XCX for the ridiculously catchy “Unlock It” and now she’s got a new single to grace your ears. “Heart To Break” continues her synth bubblegum pop sound but unleashes a vulnerable side to her songwriting. This song explores taking a risk when you’re falling in love and knowing that whilst you may end up getting your heart broken it’s worth taking the risk to find out because of the connection you have. “Even if it means that I’ll never put myself back together gonna give you my heart to break. Even if I’ll end up in shatters, baby it doesn’t matter, gonna give you my heart to break”. It’s sugary and sweet and will have your heart feeling all warm and gooey even if you aren’t crushing on anyone currently. The only criticism I have is that her vocal delivery and production hasn’t really evolved since her debut single and maybe an intimate moment or production experimentation may help her breakthrough this niche she’s created.




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