SINGLE REVIEW: Courtney Barnett – Nameless, Faceless


In 2015 Courtney Barnett exploded onto the music scene with her critically acclaimed debut album “Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit” which saw her touring the world, playing some of the biggest festivals and even appearing on SNL, Ellen and Conan. An impressive effort for a singer songwriter from Melbourne whose deadpan singing style was originally criticised. in between touring and hiding in the studio working on her sophomore record she also released an collaborative album with Kurt Ville last year. But now she’s ready to unleash her second record “Tell Me How You Really Feel” on May 18 and the lead single hears her delivering classic Courtney Barnett realness. “Nameless, Faceless” combines her deadpan singing style with her rambling vocal technique and witty and confronting lyrics. Whilst it may not be as quirky or instantly catchy as “Pedestrian At Best” or “Elevator Operator” it still holds onto the raw essence that her music originally impressed with. Lyrically the track looks at the confronting honesty and fear that women have about walking alone. The chorus makes reference to Margaret Atwood’s famous quote “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them” which has never been more relevant than it is now. The thought proving alternative rock track grows on you with each listen and is a great re-introduction to who Courtney Barnett is as an artist.


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