SINGLE REVIEW: Alison Wonderland – Church


Alison Wonderland’s debut album “Run” was one of my favourite records of 2015. It impressed with its honest lyrics that took her fierce and engaging production to a whole new level. 3 years on and she’s finally ready to deliver her follow up sophomore album “Awake” and do it all over again. Lead single “Happy Place” is a monster of a song with crazy EDM production that will have you screaming along to “fuck me up on a spiritual level” after the first listen. The new single “Church” is less extravagant in the production and focuses more on the emotional storyline. She reflects on the toxic people she had around her and realising what her self worth was and that it was important to finally get out of that situation. “Never say I’m perfect for me. Never celebrate your hands on me. You better treat me like church”. It’s a very important storyline that has an uplifting tone to it The beat drop is very catchy and takes this song to a new height of emotion. It really is one of those songs that will grow on you but I feel like everyone is still trying to get over “Happy Place” because that was quite the bop wasn’t it?




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