SINGLE REVIEW: Mallrat feat. Allday – UFO


The evolution of Mallrat has been an incredible and impressive journey so far. The Brisbane based rapper/songstress has always delivered strong, catchy and well produced tracks but with her growth and maturity as a musician and as a young adult her style has begun to change and adapt. Her last single “Better” introduced a mature indie-pop approach and her catchy new track “UFO” follows in its footsteps. It takes the foundations of her early tracks like “Tokyo Drift” and gives it a new alternative-pop layer of smooth melodies and slick harmonies. The song looks at a UFO being a metaphor to take her home and back to better times. “I heard lots of things, you were all that I believe. Promise that you’ll take me home, say your home is next to me”. It’s super catchy and after a first listen you will have the post hook stuck in your head which will make you press replay instantly. Just like “Better” this song is less “rap” and more pop vocals and that’s not a bad thing at all. She’s experimenting with different sounds and techniques and it’s evident here that it’s working for her. She is definitely one of Australia’s hottest “artists to watch” at the moment and this song secures that title.



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