SINGLE REVIEW: James Bay – Wild Love


I never really jumped on the James Bay band wagon but I always could appreciate how talented and raw he was. But with his highly anticipated sophomore studio album due later this year as well as some big coveted festival spots coming up I couldn’t help but get a little excited over his new single. “Wild Love” is an ambitious ballad that hears him welcoming a heavier pop production into his already raw rock-ballad genre. This isn’t the only change he’s made for this era, he’s also cut off his hair and removed that stupid hat that he never seemed to take off. Coincidence that since he’s done that he’s got a new bold sound? I think not. And I’m loving it. This song starts off with distorted vocals and uneven synths before the gospel lead chorus ignites and will have you feeling all euphoric inside. The track explores wanting a care-free and daring relationship with someone and being able to give them the best kind of love that anyone could offer. “I wanna give you wild love. The kind that never slows down. I wanna take you high up, let our hearts be the only sound”. It’s super cute and will have you instantly swooning over him and wishing he would choose you to give all that love to. It’s a track that grows on you with each listen and while it may be quite sonically different to his previous tracks it does hold onto the main roots that made you fall in love with him the first time round.




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