SINGLE REVIEW: Heather Brave – Feel You Watching

Feel You Watching Art

“Feel You Watching” is the moody but catchy new single from emerging pop artist Heather Brave. The New York based songstress has departed the direct pure pop direction that her debut single “Like A Wave” introduced and heads towards a moodier and grittier synth pop moment. The track starts with just a piano accompaniment that joins her dreamy vocal delivery during the first verse. Then for the chorus the song explodes with a polished synth breakdown. For the following verses there is a polished synth added to the piano accompaniment as well as a steady drum beat. While there is a lot going on sonically she commands your attention with her strong and playful vocals. The track explores an undefined relationship where you’re unsure where you stand with the other person. It’s an exhausting emotional tug of war when all you want is answers and clarity. And the production represents this well and delivers a cool dance moment that is really designed for heavy rotation. This is a stronger track than her debut and will be a song that should make a bigger impact because it is a bonafide bop.




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