SINGLE REVIEW: La Faithfull – Heart Back

la faithful

Emotional pop is my favourite kind of pop and I find it so exciting hearing artists interpreting different ways to sonically express heart break, loss and confusion because we all have different ways to express and process our thoughts and feelings. La Faithfull is an exciting newcomer whose new single “Heart Break” offers one of those magical pop moments. The song is an emotional affair that looks at being afraid of never being able to heal from heart break or negativity and constantly feeling like it will never be the same again. As well as always expecting the worst to happen even if you’re having a good day. It’s totally relatable and turns that vulnerability into an empowering pop track that you will want to blast over and over again. The production has some underlying gritty beats with a similar format to the one Amy Shark has perfected but instead La Faithfull has put a polished pop spin on it. The song has this big euphoric hook that you can help but singalong to immediately. The song gives me Rachel Platten vibes and I love it. This is truly a cool local pop moment.


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