SINGLE REVIEW: What So Not feat. BUOY – Stuck In Orbit



What So Not is one of Australia’s leading EDM producers and a favourite on the festival circuit. He’s raked up a massive 455 million combined streams and continues to impress with his eclectic and forever evolving sound. His debut album “Not All The Beautiful Things” will finally be released on March 9 and sees him collaborating with the likes of Skrillex, Toto, Daniel Johns, Slumberjack and KLP. To celebrate the announcement he has released a vibey new single which hears him stepping towards the indie pop realm. “Stuck In Orbit” features the vulnerable vocals of BUOY who helps create a memorable listen. It’s the perfect pop crossover which will become a favourite in his festival set and creates a cool sing along. He doesn’t sacrifice any of his production to offer this mainstream ready track and still showcases his unique craft. This is a strong song which will keep you excited for the record.




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