SINGLE REVIEW: Tove Styrke – Changed My Mind

tove styrke

Over the past couple of years Tove Styrke has gone from being a very underrated indie-pop songstress to becoming a pop-star in her own right. Her recent singles “Say My Name” and “Mistakes” heard this transition unfold sonically as well as saw her creep more and more into the spotlight. The Swedish favourite will be touring America in March alongside Lorde and then will release her third studio album “Sway” on May 4. And to add to the excitement she has just released a new single and it’s a total banger. “Changed My Mind” is a playful, quirky and boppy pop track that will have you feeling so many different things. The song looks at knowing that someone is bad for you but not being able to stop hanging out and seeing them because you love how you feel when you’re with them. It’s the constant head over heart tug of war that we play with ourselves. “I wasn’t really sure about us but now I’m pretty sure about us. Ooh, pull me closer cause I changed my mind”. This chorus is infectiously catchy and will instantly get stuck in your head. It’s so playful and uniquely her that it stands out to all the other pop tracks out at the moment. Its still got that indie-pop soul to the lyrics and melodies so you can’t really call her a “sell out”. And if she continues to release bangers like this, “Say My Name” and “Mistakes” then we may just have an album of the year contender.




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