SINGLE REVIEW: Sasha Sloan – Normal

sasha normal

Sasha Sloan is preparing for a massive 2018. The Californian singer songwriter is about to hit the road with Joywave for their massive North American tour and to coincide she’s just released not one but TWO new moody singles. “Fall” is the minimalistic and emotional ballad that will have you feeling all the feels while “Normal” sees her experimenting with some different production. She takes a simple guitar riff and incorporates some dreamy synths to give it this uplifting and moody vibe to it while the lyrics are reflective and honest. She explains that she does all these things to try and fit in around people so she can just feel normal for a night. And it’s quite sad but relatable because we have all felt like that at some point in our lives. “Keep on playing that song that I don’t like, I just wanna feel normal for the night. Keep on kissing that guy that’s not my type, I just wanna feel normal for the night”. It’s instantly catchy and you will have the melody stuck in your head after one listen. This is definitely the more “radio” ready track out of the two and will see people quoting the song all over social media very soon.




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