SINGLE REVIEW: LOVA – You Me And The Silence


Sweden is a country that continues to deliver brilliant pop songs and even better new pop artists. And LOVA is the new name to join that list with her impressive debut single “You Me And The Silence”. The soulful indie-pop track delivers a strong production that is somewhere between Meghan Trainor and Tove Styrke. It looks at the constant pressure we put on ourselves to entertain others in a social setting which sees us ending up not being true to who we are. So it’s a reminder to be whoever you want to be and not allow these unimportant stresses take over your life. Kind of a really cool and important message for right now as trivial as it may seem. The production adds to this carefree vibe and will have you wanting to dance as soon as the first chorus hits. “Don’t need to say the right thing, in fact don’t say anything cause honestly all I need is you, me and the silence”. It’s one of those songs that continually grows on you and will have you instantly intrigued to hear more of her material. I have so many questions about who she is as an artist and I can’t wait to find out the answers once she releases more.



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