SINGLE REVIEW: Jennifer Lopez – Us


Usually Jennifer Lopez can do no wrong in my eyes but this time she highly disappointed me with her mess of a new single. “Us” is a interesting collaboration with Skrillex and Poo Bear that hears her trying to fit in with the EDM trend that pop music is adapting towards. Instead she should’ve just continued to make great pop and RNB tracks like she has for the past 15 years. The song try’s so hard to be fresh and captivating but what it actually ends up sounding like is a tacky 2011 B-side. I wish I could say that the production was at least good but I’m unsure if Skrillex or Poo Bear even finished mastering the track before she released it because it doesn’t really meet up to their usual standards. And lyrically the song is a tad…generic. There’s no real substance to it and just hears her repeating the same refrain over and over again. I really wanted this to be the massive dance floor anthem she’s needed since “Dance Again” but it’s not. instead it just another forgettable track that you don’t even need to listen to all the way through.





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