SINGLE REVIEW: Iggy Azalea – Savior


Iggy Azalea’s forthcoming sophomore record “Surviving The Summer” has been a long and messy journey so far and apparently she’s restarting the promotional circuit once again. She’s taking it back to basics with the island influenced RNB track “Savior” which is actually quite the bop. Ditching the electronic-pop influence that her last singles had this song focuses more on a rhythmic production and hears her delivering a decent rap flow. It re-discovers the raw essence her early music impressed with and doesn’t come across too try hard or gimmicky unlike some of her previous singles. She also opens up on this track and explores the idea of being able to be your own savior by searching for that strength within yourself. “I wonder if you even notice, lately I’ve been feelin’ hopeless. Easy to lose focus, but I’ll wait for ya. I’ve been looking for a saviour”. It’s catchy and grows on you with each listen. However can everyone stop using Quavo as a feature on their songs and choose a different rapper? It’s getting a little predictable and boring and there are a lot of stronger rappers she could’ve used as a feature. While the song may not be as captivating as “Work” or “Change Your Life” it does have the potential to win people over again who believe she is a little problematic.




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