SINGLE REVIEW: Chvrches – Get Out


For their sophomore studio album Chvrches ambitiously went towards a bigger and bolder sound which heard them transform their electronic indie-pop into arena ready bops. For their forthcoming third studio album “Love Is Dead” the three piece have continued that sound with a even more mainstream ready polish. “Get Out” is the perfect lead single as it takes their easily recognisable sound and perfects the hook which gives it the potential to crack the charts. It’s super catchy, euphoric and will instantly have you bopping along like no tomorrow. The song also manages to hold onto the honest and emotional lyrics that their songs have always embraced. “Reflections you used to see never look alike to me”. The synths are very nostalgic and give you 80’s realness along with a modern day twist. The grittier synth breakdowns throughout the track gives it a really good balance between the indie and mainstream markets. It’s catchy, memorable and instantly recognisable as Chvrches track which is actually a good thing.




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